A Difficult Subject

Have you been intending on completing end-of-life planning documents, but can’t motivate yourself to actually do it? Are you confused about what forms to complete, or where to get them? Is it uncomfortable to think about you or a loved one dying? Then you are like everyone else – very good intentions but not very good follow-through.

There is help on the way. On the evening of October 16th, Women Hold the Key and Worry Free Wednesdays will sponsor a 90 minute how-to program about advanced directives, talking to your doctor, POLST forms, dementia directives, etc. Kay Longhi and Wendy Norman from Worry Free Wednesdays (worryfreewednesdays.com) are experienced in the end-of-life movement, as well as having learned from their own difficult family dying situations.

The program is Monday, Oct.16th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Synergy office (behind Herban Bloom). It is free. Registration is not required.

Call Kay Longhi @206-719-4342 for questions.