BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Takes care of repairs or changes to the building or equipment as the need arises.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Advises the board on financial matters.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE: Sets up and takes down Lewis Hall for Sunday services. Provides Sunday morning coffee service (when deemed safe by the board). Works with membership committee to provide a welcome to new members and visitors. Sign up for one Sunday per month (First Sunday, Second Sunday, etc.)

LAY PASTORAL COMMITTEE: Responds to VIUU members during times of crisis by providing deep and concerned listening presence. Their work is not intended to provide professional counseling but offers emotional support to individuals to help them feel more able to cope with their personal situations. Responds to VIUU members during difficult times offering meals, transportation and occasional support that will be helpful during times of need. In some circumstances, the committee will reach out to the greater congregation to join in assisting individuals for short periods of time.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Greets people as they arrive for Sunday services, follows up with visitors who want further information, helps people through the process of becoming members, and conducts an annual spring service to introduce new members to the congregation.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Plans Sunday morning services, including the development of the themes and content of the services and coordination of the various elements, such as lay leaders, décor, location arrangements, music and presenters.

RELIGIOUS EXPLORATION COMMITTEE: Members meet monthly to choose and develop programs and events for children, youth and families. 

SEABECK COMMITTEE: Plans our annual Seabeck Retreat, held in August on Hoods Canal.

SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE: Oversees a variety of social justice programs within the congregation. Selects groups to be the recipient of our monthly community service offering.

STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE: Conducts an annual fundraising drive in the spring to gather commitments of funds to finance the following year’s activities.


If you are interesting in participating on a committee, please contact our administrator, who will let you know next steps.