A Message From the Vashon Subsidized Rent Program

I want to thank each and everyone of you, along with your congregation, for all the support you have given the people of Vashon during this pandemic. Each of you, in different ways, have made a huge difference and contribution to helping us get through this pandemic. I believe it has changed us all and has us reflecting on what is truly important. And through this all, I see as a common thread for us, is the giving of ourselves to help others. Whatever way that is, I thank you wholeheartedly.

The Vashon Virus Rent Fund is just one small example of the many ways Vashon pulled together to help others. Over the last 18 months 103 families have been helped with rent from IFCH’s Virus rent Program. 45.6% of these families were Latino. Some have asked for assistance a couple of times and the families who could not get unemployment nor stimulus checks required rental assistance many more months. I am attaching the latest stats for this program. It overwhelms me to see the continual support of the people on Vashon who just keep giving. And You, the religious community, have led the way.

If this program might support YOU, you can download the application here.