A Message from your VIUU Treasurer

I’m highlighting the status of VIUU’s financial state through the 2nd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023-24 (our half-way point):

Pledges and Non-pledge Donations

1)     Of those congregants who made pledges at the beginning of the year, 87% have made contributions toward pledge fulfillment. I’m optimistic that we’ll get closer to 100% participation as the year goes on.

2)     Total pledge payments received through the 2nd Quarter have exceeded its budgeted goal.

3)     Non-pledge donations received (plate collections and other donations) have increased over last year’s totals at this time by nearly $1000. 

4)     Supplementary income has been generated from rebates from Thriftway and IGA based on grocery receipts submitted. Please keep bringing your receipts to the GURU!

Financial Health of VIUF

1)     The 2023-24 VIUU Budget remains in positive territory. Our budgeted income exceeds our expenses through Q2 by over $5,000. Early full pledge payments account for this surplus in income over expenses. Those of us who make pledge payments throughout the year need to stay current to keep us in the “green.”

2)     Regarding our financial assets held at Puget Sound Community Credit Union, our Checking Account balance is over $114,000, our Shared Savings Account balance is over $12,000, and our Emergency/Contingency Reserve Account is at $20,000. The UUCEF custodial account, which manages the Bernice Black Memorial Scholarship money, totals close to $55,000.

Overall, our congregation is doing well financially at this time but it will be challenging to meet our targeted budget goals for this fiscal year due to increased expenses in payroll (having a quarter time minister) and shared bills with our landlord, Burton Community Church. Many thanks go out to all who support our beloved VIUU with your generous financial contributions. As more people fulfill their pledge commitments throughout the second half of our fiscal year, we will be in good financial shape.


In Service and Trust,

Kirk Barker

VIUU Treasurer