An invite from Alix

Alix has just returned from EKAM, the World Center for Enlightenment (‘Ekam’ means ‘One’ in Sanskrit) where she, her husband, Jim, and 700 other ordinary persons from India and around the globe became established in the state of equanimity (unperturbed calm) which is a foundational state for enlightenment.

They have been given the power to transfer the state of unperturbed calm to others during an experience called Ekam Siddhi for the next 28 days.

Enlightenment is to be liberated from all forms of psychological suffering. It can be described as to live in non-suffering states 80-90% of the time, to know how to get out of stress, discomfort and struggles, and to help others do the same.

Thousands have attended Ekam Siddhi events and they have reported experiencing a quiet mind, a sense of inner peace and restfulness, expanded sense of self, joy and freedom from limitation. Some physical miracles have occurred.

From my own experience, equanimity brings a welcome sense of spaciousness and freedom. From the absence of mental restlessness, annoyance and disturbance there is inner rest, a crystal clarityenormous access to universal intelligence, a deep connection with all life formsauthentic heartfelt compassion with others and I find I’m very content with myself as I am.

It has been shown that the benefits of Ekam Siddhi extend beyond the event itself. Deep-seated neural pathways that have been created from hurts, wrongs and life traumas get dissolved.

Remember, this is happening only for a very limited time. Don’t miss this life-changing FREE event.  (It’s about 60 minutes altogether.) All are welcome, no experience necessary!

Enlightenment is possible for all human beings and from it a natural caring for the planet and all creatures is being ushered in. Hope you can be a part of this amazing wave of Oneness.

* A short sharing with Alix about her experience of Tapas

* Meditation

* EKAM Siddhi

*quiet space       *sharing &/or Q&A

If you wish to learn more about Ekam, Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji, please visit or watch the videos on their YouTube channel “pkconsciousness

– Mon. Aug. 7 @ 5pm (Vashon, WA)  Vashon United Methodist Church, 17928 Vashon Hwy SW, Vashon

– Sat. Aug 12 @  3:30pm (Vashon, WA)  Beth White’s home (outside – weather permitting) 21829 141st Ave SW, Vashon, WA 98070