Anti-Racism Learning Circles

An invite from First Unitarian in Portland, Oregon –  we are eager to include participation from UUs and other faiths everywhere.  We hope some of your members can join us.


You are invited to join Antiracism Learning Circles this fall. It’s on zoom, so you can join from anywhere!

LEARNING CIRCLES are small discussion cohorts based on a book or podcast that provide:

  • Important learning about white supremacy, racism, and our national history;
  • The opportunity to build trust and go deep in small group discussions over time;
  • A safe place to have difficult discussions and deal with discomfort;
  • Creating and strengthening relationships with other UUs; and
  • Connection, focus and purpose in a virtual setting.


  • Each cohort (typically 4-12) gathers for a series (from 4-10 sessions) of facilitated Zoom discussions.
  • Register for a particular Learning Circle.  Meeting dates & times vary.
  • Each individual is given the opportunity to share reactions, then we discuss as a group.
  • We ask that you plan to attend all sessions so we can build bonds of trust and insight.

Full descriptions, schedules & registration information is HERE.

For questions contact Jody Feldman at