Board Updates

We met last Monday and devoted most of our meeting to the quandary of “when and if” we will begin meeting in person at Lewis Hall.

We appreciated the diligence of Catherine Sullivan, Bob Blauvelt and Helene Miller in framing the discussion for us in a written report.

We listened to the first hand experiences of Rev. Linda Hart, Tahoma Unitarian Church in Tacoma, and her congregation’s efforts to provide both in person and online worship access.  While the palpable joy of meeting in their sanctuary once last December was evident, the following week the risk factors in Pierce county thwarted their efforts.  They are meeting only online at this point and do not know when in the foreseeable future that they will go back to a hybrid service option.

The consensus was to not meet until our county guidelines put us in the “low” category for risk of infection transmissibility. We are currently in the severe risk category.

We will convene the tech group in the next month and methodically put together the necessary supplies and equipment to offer hybrid services “when and if” our infection risks are in the low category.

While it is a disappointment to all of us to not be able to meet face to face, keep lighting those candles for our beloved community.  Light a candle for the unvaccinated in our nation, who,  for whatever reason, can’t  get vaccinated.  I believe fear can only be dispelled by love, light and in this case if they are able, three quick jabs.

Kim Kambak, VIUF Board President