Book Club Announcement

The VIUF Book Club choice for this month is:

On Tyranny: 20 lessons from the 20th Century, by Timothy Snyder, illustrated by Nora Krug Graphic Novel edition (2017, & 2021 graphic edition)
(This book was suggested by our VIUF President, Kim Kambak)

This is an amazing book, mostly written in pictures with explanations so it is a fast read. It is only 120 pages long and most of the page is pictures, so it goes quickly, but it packs in a lot of information that really has an impact.

It’s historical references are interesting. Our Founding Fathers were worried about our new democratic republic collapsing into Oligarchy and Authoritarianism  and thus provided checks and balances for our government to avoid Tyranny.

Last century many European democracies collapsed into Fascism and Communism which were responses to Globalization. Our democratic heritage doesn’t protect us, but we can learn from the past to ensure our survival. Aristotle warned that inequality can bring instability and Plato believed demagogues could exploit free speech to install themselves as tyrants.

This is a quick read with fascinating pictures and gives one a lot to think about. I hope many of you will read the book and join us after Sunday Service the last Sunday of the month (March 27th).

Pamela Godt