Book Club Selection for February

Here is the Book Choice for February 27th after service:

The national bestsellerThe Evolution of God by Robert Wright

This book came out in 2010 by Little, Brown & Co. I started reading it after it came highly recommended by Sharon Hines Pinion, and am really enjoying it! I hope you do, too!

As one reviewer wrote: “Fully seduced, I started reading and, for all its weight, couldn’t stand to put it down…The hefty 500 pager starts to feel like a breezy, concise charge through the most titillatingly inversionary historical-critical reading of Hebrew and Christian and Muslin scripture. It’s stuff that many people don’t know is out there and available for hanging one’s cosmic hat on: a vast anti-narrative provided by the wonders of modern scholarship.” Nathan Schnieder,

Another wrote “ The Evolution of God  is a remarkable book, engaging, audacious, and provocative in an open-ended way…There are, it seems, two Robert Wrights—a tough-minded Robert Wright and a tender-minded Robert Wright—who have collaborated on a book about religion… This collaboration works.” Peter Steinfels, American Prospect

“God works in mysterious ways, as the saying goes. How mysterious? Well, as Robin Wright, a nonbeliever, argues in his new book, God can save the world even if he doesn’t actually exist.” Jerry Adler, Daily Beast

Please try reading it and tell me what you think at the book club meeting on February 27th. You still have plenty of time to read the book.
Pamela Godt