Cyber Security: PSA

We’ve all heard the stories – it is SO easy to get fooled by cyber trolls trying to get information from you. Please be cautious when opening and responding to emails, facebook messages, etc.  Update your passwords regularly, especially if you come across anything suspicious.

Hackers are very tricky.  I (Runa) have experienced a couple of occasions where someone messaged me on Facebook from an account using the facebook logo and calling themselves something like “Facebook Admin” with a message of actions I needed to take to secure my page.  It all looked legit, but because I’m suspicious on anything that asks me to click, I dug deeper and this was NOT an official facebook account.  (Phew)

Be diligent, friends!  Inspect emails addresses, and don’t click or provide any information unless you are certain that it is with an honest interaction.

Here are a couple of articles about this: