For our June 12th Service

Honoring One Another in Gratitude
Come and learn about one another and how we live our Unitarian traditions in our homes, in our relationships, in our community and in our world.


If you would like to be honored at the service on June 12th, please send Kim () or Runa () a note of the things you have done this service year as part of your personal spiritual practice.

Please bang your own drum or ring your own bell!

We may not read all of the notes on June 12th but we will put them in the summer newsletters.

Here’s what I want to be recognized for:

This year I worked to make my compost piles more inviting for all creatures.
I kept the piles hotter, covered them when the rain was so intense and turned them regularly.
I see this as a spiritual practice because I am caring for creatures that I can’t even see and certainly the ones I can like worms and then the soil and then this place and maybe my small act will help reduce carbon.

My efforts have been rewarded by a family of garter snakes and a lovely Western Junco who call those piles  home.