From the board

Your VIUF Board has been discussing making some changes to our By-Laws. We need to update them this year if we change the name of our fellowship.

We have been discussing moving from Robert’s Rules of Order as our governance standard to the Democratic Rules of Order.

The Board had a presentation done by Hunter Davis last Monday. She was one of the first board members of the renewed Vashon Maury Island Community Council which uses the Democratic Rules of Order.

Hunter told us about a few of the pros and cons related to each system. As we do not have an official parliamentarian at our Board meetings, we are usually using quasi Democratic Rules of Order at the present time.

We will continue to study and discuss these governance systems and look forward to your input as well.

Here are a couple of books and links that will give you a better sense of the two: “Democratic Rules of Order”

By Fred Francis and Peg Francis; ;