Housing Segregation: Cause and Remedy

The Color of Law book demolishes the myth that residential segregation arose naturally as the result of private activity. Instead the book documents how the racial boundaries of every metropolitan area are the result of racially explicit federal, state, and local policy, supported by actions of banks, realtors, and developers.

Inspired by the book’s reception and influence, a group of national civil rights leaders have come together to launch The Redress Project: The New Movement to Redress Racial Segregation (NMRRS).

The theory of NMRRS is that the policies to redress racial segregation are well known; what is missing are local bi-racial and multi-ethnic civil rights groups of ordinary citizen activists who will engage in direct action to create the political atmosphere where private and public initiatives to redress segregation become imperative. This is where NMRRS comes in to become this bridge.

Ultimately, NMRRS campaigns to
• Improve the resources of low-income segregated neighborhoods,
• Resist massive displacement from uncontrolled gentrification,
• Create housing opportunities for economically and racially diverse populations in segregated white neighborhoods, and
• Stabilize desegregation in neighborhoods where it exists (control suburban white flight).

SOURCE: https://nmrrs.wordpress.com/ and watch the 2 videos on this website.