How Much Should I Give?

VIUU is in the middle of our annual pledge drive and each of us must consider the question of what financial contribution we will make to VIUU for the coming year.

Last Sunday someone asked how much people usually give. The total pledge from 51 friends and members this year (2023-2024) was $64,759. Pledges ranged from $120 to $8250. The average pledge was $1284 per person, ($2568 for a couple).

Costs for rent, utilities and staff will be higher next year. To maintain our current staff, facilities and programs we will need an estimated additional $5,000 for rent and utilities and $5,200 for staff, a total of $10,200. That would mean an increase in our total pledges to about $75,000 with an increase in the average pledge of $200 bringing the average pledge to about $1500 per person or $3000 per couple.

Pledges need to be higher if we want to expand our programs or increase staff hours.

So how much should you personally give?

The UUA offers some guidance on setting your pledge level in the Fair Share Giving Guide.

The UUA recommends that your pledge be determined by your income and on how important VIUU is to you. Pledges would increase with income. Pledges would also increase with commitment to VIUU.

They suggest that a Supporter pledge 2% of adjusted annual income for those earning up to $25,000 per year or 4% of adjusted income for those earning $200,000 per year. Sustainers would pledge 3% – 5.5% of their adjusted income, Visionaries 5% – 7%, and Full Tithe would pledge 10% regardless of income.

Using these guidelines, if your income is $25,000 a year, as a supporter you would give 2% ($500 per year), but if your income is $100,000, as a supporter you would give 3% ($1,000 per year), or if your income is $200,000 you would give 4% ($8,000 per year). Sustainers, Visionaries, and Full Tithe members would give more.

See the UUA Suggested Fair-Share Giving Guide for more specific information.

Do you have to pledge at the Fair-Share level? Of course not. We are grateful for your financial support in any amount. But the more you pledge, the more we can do.

Kate O’Hare, VIUU Secretary
Kim Kambak, VIUU President
Kirk Barker, VIUU Treasurer
Ann Lewis, VIUU Vice-President