Invitation from the Quakers

(shared by Kim)

Dear UU friends,

I am writing to you today as a member of the Vashon Friends Worship Group to let any interested UU members know about an event we are hosting on November 11th. Quakers have a long history of advocacy and lobbying for issues related to peacebuilding, human rights, environmental and economic justice and immigration.  The Friends Committee on National Legislation is the national organization that works on federal legislation related to these issues, and an FCNL representative is coming from Washington DC to Vashon to offer a one day training on effective advocacy and lobbying. The emphasis is on building long term relationships with our national representatives and their staff around key issues and legislation.  We will be following up with periodic meetings with our legislators, and anyone who wants to join those meetings is welcome.

While the work is grounded in Quaker values of respecting the inherent dignity and worth of each person, many of the people who join these efforts come from other faith traditions  or simply share Quaker values.

If there are any island UU’s who may be interested in learning about a more active role in advocating for values that many of us share, please let them know that they are welcome to join us. The meeting will be at the Presbyterian Church from 1-4.

Anyone who is interested is free to contact me through my email or by phone (608-317-3310)  or Jim Hauser (206-949-2246) for questions. I will be visiting family in Ohio from the 28th- November 6th so may not be as available during that time, but will be checking phone and email messages.

Thank you very much,
Wendy Noble