Lewis Hall Paint Project – Thank you!

I want to acknowledge everyone who participated in the Lewis Hall Paint Project.

First shout outs go to the members who gave valuable feedback on the color selection; thank you Sheila Eckman, Mary Van Gemert, Alix Clarke, Silvija Barker, and Amy Huggins.

The second group of shout outs are for two people (Sheila Eckman and Craig Hull) who were unable to join the paint party though donated rollers, roller pans, and drop cloths, plus each were given a kitchen garbage bag of paint garbage to put in their garbage cans as garbage service had been suspended due to the pandemic and non-use of Lewis Hall.

Finally all the painters (Kim, Dennis, Paul Kirkpatrick, Silvija, Kirk, Catherine, Bob Blauvelt, and me) who gave their time and varying degrees of expertise (I was on the low end having not picked up a roller or brush to paint since my 20’s, to the venture which took three days of painting with teams from three to five after several days of prep by Bob Blauvelt and me.

As many of us brought ladders, drop cloths, paint brushes, and various other supplies our main expenses were paint and I am pretty sure we came in at budget or very close. Sometime this week Silvija and I will complete the room arrangement the best we can and I’ll get a photo in the next newsletter.

I do hope people clear their calendars for another paint party in 2031!