Looking Ahead – From the Program Committee

We have a few more weeks of summer before transitioning to fall with all the changes that entails – school, rain, and the start of weekly Sunday services at VIUF. While many others at VIUF have been taking a much-deserved break, the Program Committee has been busy preparing for this year’s Sunday services.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to our end of season survey. We read every reply and took your thoughts into consideration in planning for the upcoming year. Here is a link if you are interested in reviewing the survey responses yourself.

Comments were generally favorable (thanks for your support). Consistent with your wishes, we will continue to have programs on social and environmental justice, the arts, UU Themes (though with more focus on current issues and less on our nineteenth century forebears), explorations of other faiths, and, of course, the wildly popular Transcending Mystery and Wonder services. We will also include This I Believe (let us know if you would like to talk) and our traditional VIUF services.

Most people wanted to hear a UU minister about once a month, and we will try to arrange that. We will also have other faith leaders and non-religious speakers, but about half of services will depend on presentations by our VIUF members. If called upon, please step up. If you have an idea, let us know.

Tech stuff: Most of the concerns we heard about in the survey related to tech problems. We expect to be back at Lewis Hall this fall (with prudent precautions consistent with state and local guidelines) so we will not have quite the same problems we had last year. The Board has committed to creating the ability to offer hybrid services. They are still working out the specifics, but the intent is to allow us to use some remote speakers and music, and also to allow people who cannot attend in person due to distance, illness, or just not feeling comfortable in a large gathering to attend remotely. Your patience will once again be appreciated as we navigate this new tech challenge. And let us know if you are willing to help with tech.

Sunday Program Teams: The Sunday Program Teams were a great success last year. Thirty-four people (nearly half of all members!) were active in presenting services as a speaker, team member, musician, or tech team member. We hope to increase that number this year. VIUF is a small community, and we need everyone to support us both financially and with your time and talents. This year’s teams are shown in the graphic below. Please consider joining (at least) one team.


Curious? Learn More…

We have prepared a Service Manual to help teams plan and present their services.

To learn more about the process and get involved, follow this link or talk to Kate O’Hare (616-560-4672) or Tanya Roberts (240-505-6110).  Or perhaps you are more interested in strengthening our music program. Call or text Beth White (206) 463-5944.