Monday is Indigenous People’s Day

If you would like  to stand with tribes, to call for restoring wild salmon and re-wilding the Lower Snake River, you can join up with the Backbone Campaign to do so.

Both the Affiliated Tribes of NW Indians (ATNI) and the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) have passed resolutions this year calling for the restoration of the Snake River, by breaching the dams on the Lower Snake.

The Nez Perce Tribe has asked that everyone join them in demanding action to restore the Snake River.

One way we are answering their call for solidarity is to deploy banners in Pacific NW cities, calling for the removal the Lower Snake River Dams.

Can you join us in bannering across Washington State, on Indigenous People’s Day – Monday, October 11th – in solidarity with Pacific NW Tribes?

Banner sessions last 1 hour and can happen at freeway overpasses, ferry terminals, and wherever there is good visibility, for 3 people to safely stand with a banner.
Please check these websites for further information.

• Sign up TODAY for next Monday’s action at
• Sign up and SHARE on Facebook
• Add your name to the Nez Perce petition
• Add your name to the Umatilla Youth Petition