New Masking Policy – The Return of Coffee Hour

It’s spring! Bulbs are up, flowers are starting to show their faces, and you can too!

We are now moving to a MASKS OPTIONAL policy.

The VashonBePrepared COVID Risk Advice Tool has shown Vashon at the basic risk level since the beginning of March. At the basic risk level their advice is:

Wear N95 mask indoors in public if:

  • Exposed to COVID
  • At risk for health or other reasons.
  • You live with or spend time with someone at high risk.

You are welcome to continue to wear a mask if you prefer.

This means the return of coffee and snacks after service!

Therefore, our Sunday Hospitality Teams will need help.

Please sign up. A sign-up sheet will be available at Lewis Hall or get in touch with our head of hospitality Earl Godt – .