Outside the Box Returns

For those in VIUF who like poetry and pondering and reading the musings of others we are restarting “Outside the Box”, a monthly column of short writings by VIUF members and friends which will appear in the VIUF Newsletter.

Thank you to Beth White, who created the original version of ‘Outside the Box”. We invite your creative contributions in poetry or prose. You can use the VIUF theme of the month for your inspiration but that is not required.

Following is the list of VIUF monthly themes for the current 2021-22 Fellowship season. We have missed the deadline for the September issue of Outside the Box so your contributions will begin to appear in the VIUF News in October.

Send either your poems or paragraphs to:
Outside the Box, c/o VIUF, P.O. Box 1127, Vashon, WA 98070.

-Judy Whitney

VIUF Themes for 2021-22:
September – Embracing Possibility
October – Cultivating Relationships
November – Holding History
December – Opening to Joy
January – Living with Intention
February – Widening the Circle
March – Renewing Faith
April – Awakening
May – Nurturing Beauty
June – Celebrating Blessings