Postcards! Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Beth is returning from her trip to Mexico this week and plans to bring postcards on Sunday. More info below:

We’re writing postcards to registered Black and Latinx voters. Why are postcarding outside of our traditional target states?

  • Wisconsin’s Supreme Court will rule this summer on whether to uphold or overturn an 1849 state law outlawing all abortion, written long before women had the right to vote.
  • The Court will decide whether to allow or stop racist voter suppression and gerrymandering laws enacted by Wisconsin’s anti-democratic state legislature, and whether the will of Wisconsin voters may be overturned in the 2024 Presidential election.
  • In 2019, the current Supreme Court one vote conservative majority was decided by 5,000 total votes, less than 1 vote per precinct. Voters must be alerted to the municipal voting locations, times, as well as the issues at stake in this election.