Program Committee Survey

Hello friends and members of VIUF,

Your Program Committee has worked with six great teams of people to create Sunday services all year. It was a lot of work and very rewarding for us. We hope it was meaningful for you too.

Now we need your help. We need to know what worked and what did not work in this past year’s services. Of course, we like being praised. Who doesn’t? But even more we would like constructive criticism. What do you want more of? What could you do without? What filled your soul? When did you need to take deep calming breaths to survive an awkward bit?

This link connects you to a short survey with a few multiple choice questions and plenty of space for telling us what you think.

VIUF Sunday Program Evaluation 2020-2021

Please complete this survey within the next day or two. The Program Committee will be meeting soon to review your comments and recommendations and start planning for next year.

Kate O’Hare, Chair
Ted Clabaugh
Sheila Eckman
Lauren Forest
Tanya Roberts
Robbie Rohr
Beth White

If you don’t recall all the services and want a review before answering the questionnaire, check out the service archive on our VIUF website.

Speakers this years included four UU ministers (Matt Aspin, Linda Hart, Amanda Aikman, Colleen Squires), two other ministers (Carla Pryne, Koshin Cain), and several other outside speakers (Dominique Davis, Alexi Jones, Shari Shepard, and Dr. Kutscher).
We had six service teams – Traditional VIUF services, UU Voices, Multifaith, Transcending Mystery and Wonder, Social and Environmental Justice, and the Arts, as well as This I Believe and services from Religious Exploration and the Board.