SeaBurt 2.0 – at Lewis Hall

Dear Friends,

We belong together.  The news is hard.  It helps me to know you are all out there doing whatever you can to make our planet more livable, more just, more loving, and more welcoming.

As this new month dawns, as the new service year beckons us all, let’s get together and share our burdens, strengths and wisdom.  Let’s learn more about one another and let’s learn how to love those beyond our walls more deeply.

Try coming to Lewis Hall on Monday for some laughs, some serious stuff and some awesome snacks.  We won’t ask for any money, promise!


I hope you can meet up at Lewis Hall on Monday September 5, 2022 from 2-5 pm.  We will have a brief review of the Seabeck retreat and the opportunity to look at the themes for our service year.

Here is the schedule.  We will be outside as much as possible and will wear masks if we do happen to go inside.

2:00pm – 2:45pm  All/Kim
Beverages and Snacks
“Hmmm, I thought I knew you?  BINGO”

2:50pm – 3:10pm  Earl         
UU the Vote and Why we write Postcards from the Rock

3:15pm – 3:55pm  Kate/Dennis/Kim     
Fairy Houses/Kid Encaustics/Free time

4:00pm – 4:45pm  All               
Celebrating Our Approaching Service Year:  Themes for Growth, Change, and Empowerment

4:45pm – 4:55pm  Pamela           
Introduction of our VIUF Committees and what they do

5:00pm   Kim     

Please come and bring a friend.

Until we see each other,
Kim Kambak