Healing in a Time of Cultural Fermentation: What’s Bubbling Up?

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If prompted to use a password, it is: 2020

For months now, and especially since the election, the word ‘healing’ has been surfacing over and over in public discourse, as well as in our communities and our households.

What is the healing we are longing for? Since the election, what energies feel newly available to you? And what in you many now be in need of some deep rest, after years of feeling on constant “red alert” (Star Trek)?

Our guest speaker, Rev. Carla Pryne, will have some thoughts to share.  She also invites you to share one word or phrase which completes this sentence:

“The healing I am longing for looks something like this:——————————–”

Please send your word or phrase to to  (include your name or not). Your contribution will be shared during the service.

Carla Pryne is a retired Episcopal priest living on Maury Island with her husband Eric and their cattle dog/Corgi mix, Max. She was the rector of the island’s Church of the Holy Spirit from 2010-2016. She was ordained in 1983 and spent most of her work years in Seattle. In addition to parish ministry, she was the co-founder and first Executive Director of Earth Ministry  (1992-present). In retirement, Carla is volunteering with the Vashon Maury Island Heritage Museum and the Community Care Team of VashonBePrepared. She finds joy in riding horses and raising honey bees.