Micro Activism as an Expression of Faith

In our world of “go big or go home” it’s easy to diminish the importance of the small, of the micro. In this talk Omkari Williams will guide us to reconnect with how small actions are an expression of faith, how they can shift the world, and how they are sustainable in a way that large actions aren’t. Breaking free of the tyranny of “big” we find our way to the small actions built on faith. Faith in ourselves, those around us, and those still to come.

Omkari Williams has worked as a political consultant and life coach for 30 years, with an emphasis on supporting activists who identify as introverted or highly sensitive. As a queer Black woman, she shares her own story of challenging injustice to empower others in making a difference in their communities.  Her soon to be released book, Micro Activism: How You Can Make a Difference in the World without a Bullhorn is available for pre-order wherever books are sold. You can learn more about Omkari on her website: omkariwilliams.com