Moving Our Living Tradition into the 8th Principle

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In the sermon ‘Moving Our Living Tradition into the 8th Principle’ Rev. Justin Almeida will explore the history of our UU principles and sources and how they have evolved over time to address new ways of being in the world. How many great works of human beings become living documents with an inexhaustible supply of interpretation and challenge. And how we transform our principles from signs into symbols inspiring us to work for peace and justice in the world.” The proposed 8th principle asserts that Unitarian Universalists must dismantle systems of hatred, discrimination, and supremacy rather than perpetuate them.“Rev Justin Almeida is a Seattle area chaplain and UU minister affiliated with University Unitarian Church. Specializing in palliative care and hospice, they provide spiritual care for Harborview Medical Center and Swedish Hospitals. They are interested in public theology which engages conversation and relationship as the foundation of structural change. When at home with his partner Heather and child Tobias, you can find Rev Justin roasting coffee, making beer and wine, and fermenting various fruits and vegetables.