Oneness & UU – Ekam Circle for Stress Release

Presented by Amy Huggins & Alix Clarke

Stress is an epidemic sweeping across the world, irrespective of age or position in life. Ironically, stress is more widespread, yet unrealized, than any pandemic that has attacked humanity. Stress is the cause of most physical and emotional problems. Do you find that you sometimes obsess over the past or project a chaotic future? This is how we habitually stay in stress.

Come immerse yourself in the wisdom of our favorite mystic/philosopher/sage, Sri Preethaji (from Ekam in mystic India). You will leave Sunday’s service with a way to dissolve your stress using a beautifully designed 3-minute meditation that can be used over and over again.  We can flow into calm by living in the present, moving from separation to ONENESS. We will end the session with a beautiful sacred group blessing (Deeksha) to send you on your way.


Here is a direct link to the meditation – it doesn’t come through super great in the recording above.