Overcoming the Complexities of Racial Trauma In Black Communities

Overcoming the Complexities of Racial Trauma In Black Communities

Members of Community Passageways will speak on their personal and collective perspectives.

Jabari Holder- Generational Trauma

Michelle Montgomery – Managing Your Trauma

Ken Sinclair – Healing From Trauma

Community Passageways has several programs dealing with trauma.  The inter connectivity of all human beings, social justice, and universal love must be front and center in healing communities.

Singing spirituals at VIUU on April 21 with Kat Eggleston

In 1865 during reconstruction Fisk college was established in Nashville, Tennessee in former union army barracks. The Fisk Jubilee Singers set off on a US Tour in 1871 and when they started to sing slave songs, (today called spirituals), audiences were electrified. They returned to Fisk in late 1872 and had raised enough money to buy the land for the college.

Spirituals are in a minor key, usually have repetition of words so they are easier to sing, often include clapping, and are emotional whether sad or joyful. Some had hidden messages such as counting the number of slaves escaping or describing the route. Wade in the water is how to shake off the bloodhounds. Follow the drinking gourd is about following the big dipper and the north star to Canada. 

We will sing these hymns: Sometimes I feel like a Motherless child, Wade in the water, Follow the drinking gourd.

Our monthly non profit collection will benefit Community Passageways