The Art of Love

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In 1954 Eric Fromm wrote a book called “The Art of Love.”  Fromm helped us understand that while Love can be difficult, it is not mysterious.  Love is a skill that needs to be developed in the same way as cooking, riding a bicycle, or playing the piano. Many people think that love just happens to them. They believe that they fall in love without any effort on their part. However, that is rarely true. Love requires work and dedication to be successful. It is a skill that many people don’t know how to use correctly because our culture does not teach us properly how to love. This is because we live in a culture that is based on consumerism. In other words, modern capitalism encourages us to think about our relationships in terms of profitable exchanges. That leads to people holding the mistaken of belief that love must be earned. Instead, of this transactional perspective, real and authentic love is far more unconditional.  Real love is an art that requires mastery of theory and practice.  Join us as we explore the art of loving and the art of love.