What’s in a name?

The first name most of us uttered was that of a caregiver.

This name was usually shared with those within our family, community and culture.

For some it was a moment of awareness when other people in our community and culture called their caregivers by very different names..Dada..Far.…Madre…Papa..Momma..Aunt Mushy…Al…Mommy..Otets…Anne…and so on.

But, even if the words sounded different than the ones we used, we knew the person our friend was referring to.

Our Beloved Community is in a place where we are considering “new” names for our group.

Bruce Haulman, Vashon Maury Island Heritage Museum President, will be our speaker and will discuss the act of naming and some of the place names on Vashon. He will take us on a journey that may help us to focus on the name of our Beloved Community.