Why do we share our stories?

Why do stories help us believe something more strongly than a list of statistics?  Shauna Ahern, a lifelong writer who now shares stories for a living, will talk about the power of stories as a means to help us understand our own lives.  Service begins at 9:45 AM.

Labyrinth Learners, K-5th
Last Sunday we began to look at how others have used their faith as a guide. This Sunday we will meet another UU hero, John Cashin, whose open mind helped him to recognize the many unfair ways African Americans were stopped from voting and participating in government. Cashin’s response was to use public witness to draw attention to the difficulty black Americans experienced in participating in voting, establishing law and having their voices heard.

Our workshops will include the opportunity to make buttons (political or otherwise), read about those who have stood against injustice and play games..

Please send your child with a coin or two for the offering jar. The kids have chosen the Vashon Community Care Center this year to donate half their money to. The other half is given to VIUF!

Middle School ExplorersImportant!
There will be no class for the middle school group this Sunday. Our teacher, Julie Shannon, will be out of town helping her mother. We will resume on November 13th with our first session on Judaism!