Social Justice Committee Announcement

VIUF Members and Friends,

(From the VIUF Social Justice Committee)

Some of us are using Take Action Network (TAN), a web platform designed for those who want to be more civically engaged. It matches your interests and engagement preferences to events and actions from organizations and groups you trust. Current bills in the Washington State Legislature which have not passed their first committee assignment by Friday (February 17th) will die for the 2023 session. We still have time to express our pros or cons for those bills that are still active

To sign up and learn more, please copy the following link into your web browser:–6jr_Os4fg

This will provide a sign-up screen.

Fill out the required information and you’ll be provided with an initial profile with only one “Favorite” organization (JUUstice Washington). JUUstice Washington is the coalition of UU social justice groups throughout Washington State. They provide TAN users easy links to express pro or con on bills or take other actions as they suggest.

Once you have an account, you can add other Favorite Organizations, Kinds of Actions, and Primary Issues that match your interests.

Try it — You will be able to make a difference with a very small amount of your time.


Melvin Mackey (for VIUF Social Justice Committee)