Social Justice News/Videos on Racism and Media

Community Passageways has a four-pronged approach to community justice:

1. Prevention: Keep youth on a good path. Show them new paths.

2. Diversion: Keep people out of the prison system and in community.

3. Support: Support people already in the prison system.

4. Reintegrate: Ensure a smooth, successful integration into the community. read- it is inspiring.

The Community Is the Answer” Community Passageways video, 40 minutes, July 2020

The Story of Us” video is a powerful and insightful panel discussion sponsored by the African American Policy Forum and Sundance. The 4 authors dissect actions in January 2021 from the perspective of the history of racism in this country. 1:23 minutes.

“Amend” on Netflix, series about the 13, 14 and 15 amendments to the US Constitution.

“13th” by Ava DuVernay on Netflix, movie about reconstruction and Jim Crow.

MEDIA – The Social Dilemma discussion about the power of Facebook, Google and other social media to control our behavior by giving each of us “our own facts”.