Topic: Transformation

Transformation According to the Tlingit

This Sunday Odin Lonning will be our speaker, “yek at woo si ax*: Listening to Spirits.” The day before (this Saturday) Orca Annie and Odin Lonning will present a program about the orca JPod called “Granny’s Gift” at the Ober Park performance room at 2pm.

Join … read more.

Earth Day Service

Joe Yarkin will be our Earth Day speaker. A friend of VIUF and an island strawberry, wallaby and sheep farmer, Joe will speak about “Spinning our life webs, generation Anthropocene.”

Soul Gardening & Easter Egg Hunt

As we enter the season of emergence and rebirth, let’s take a moment to consider the elements our souls require for maximum growth. How well are we tending our personal gardens?  Join us on Sunday at 9:45AM to hear Intern Minister Matt Aspin as we continue … read more.

Why Not Now?

What does it mean to change the world? When do we start? Come join us to hear the Reverend Linda Hart as we begin our journey into the month of Transformation.

A Celebration of Ostara

The spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere marks the time when the sun passes over the celestial equator. Wiccans and other neopagans observe the day as Ostara, a festival that celebrates the season’s change from dark winter to brightening spring.  Join us as we celebrate … read more.