Volunteer Survey Coming Soon

VIUU congregants and friends volunteer, give and support a variety of causes here on island, in the state of Washington and nationally.  We are givers.

Many congregants and friends have served globally as well. We are givers.

UUs value generosity both to our congregations and to other worthy causes based on our fair share and capacity.

Knowing how we live our faith and UU principles helps us to be “known” in our world. We are givers.

Knowing how we give can be an opportunity for discussion and may help you ask or connect with a new organization where you can share your energy.

So, as  November draws near and the “Give Big” giving campaign draws near, let’s see where one another give.

Let’s talk about how we can put both our time and talents together and make an impact in our community and in our world.

A survey will be on our website and in the newsletter next week.  It will be anonymous and we will have the results as soon as possible both on the website and in our newsletter.

Think how amazing it could be if we pooled our donations locally and met some of those “matching” fund thresholds!