What’s in a Name – Values, purpose and vision

Several weeks ago, I was sitting in our office at Lewis Hall with a small group of people talking about the process for consideration of our name change.  At the beginning, it seemed rather dry and dutiful but as the group warmed  up, the topic and purpose expanded.  We were talking about what ‘we’ are, who we are, what and who we want to be.  I saw tendrils and interconnections. I had glimpses of different kinds of people using shared space for all kinds of things, different people feeling a sense of meaning and belonging.

I saw possibilities of what we–those of us whose who are currently members and friends of VIUF – could help create for the future.  It was a heady, exciting moment–not so common these days!

We have the opportunity to open a course for the future that we can’t and shouldn’t see clearly. What’s in a name?   The short answer for myself is a communication of values and purpose, a vision that will evolve.

Robbie Rohr


More about the work of the Name Change Task Force can be found here.