Why I volunteered to become Treasurer for our Fellowship and, subsequently, a Board member

from Kirk Barker

I believe it is important to participate actively within an organization of which I am a member. My
participation usually starts out slowing by volunteering for positions requiring little of my time and
energy. In time, as I feel more comfortable, I “up the ante” and take on bigger positions which require
more of my time and energy. When I contribute more I find I am rewarded more: I get to know my
fellow congregants on a deeper level, I personally grow when taking on greater challenges, and I feel a
sense of purpose and accomplishment as I make contributions for the greater good. I get satisfaction
knowing that, through my actions, I am helping in the effort to sustain the presence of our congregation
on Vashon. Like the annual Pledge I make to VIUF, volunteering allows me to have “skin in the game.” I
get the chance to reposition myself from a bystander to a meaningful contributor to the life of the

It’s an exciting time to be a member of our fabulous congregation with the addition of our new Minister,
Victoria Poling. We will benefit from her support and ministerial knowledge in our lay-lead community. I
encourage those who value VIUF as an important, meaningful part of their life to step up and take the
risk to volunteer for an open Board position in the coming fiscal year. It’ll be worth it!

Kirk Barker