Religious education can help us grow in faith, at any age. Yet faith development happens outside of our faith communities, too…especially at home. Parents and caregivers are our children’s primary religious educators, and not only because we give explanations and advice. Every day, we model attitudes toward faith, meaning, and purpose that children will notice and copy.

We support one another to discover and rediscover a seeking, active faith in the context of our family lives.

  • Tapestry of Faith
    By creating the first, ever online lifespan curricula for our congregations, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) invites seekers as well as members to engage in faith study at home. Each religious education (RE) program includes stories, activities, worship, and social action ideas to nurture people of all ages in ethics, spirit, and faith. Parents can go online and read the Tapestry of Faith stories and activies their children experience in RE programs. Every session features Taking It Home and Find Out More sections to help you extend the session topics.
  • Family Pages in UU World
    The four-page, themed centerfold in UU World draws from stories, activities, and faith development guidance in Tapestry of Faith programs. These pages, edited by Susan Lawrence, offer inspiration and ideas to use at home—for parents to share with children, elders to share with grandchildren, and UUs and seekers of all ages to explore.