Name Change Survey

Last Sunday we heard a fascinating talk by island historian Bruce Haulman and enjoyed a lively discussion about what our name means to us and what we want it to convey to others. Twenty members weighed in on what they thought we should be called.

Kate sent emails on 4/18 to other members including the survey and asked that people reply by email or come this Sunday, 4/23, and give us their survey replies.

Please note that the survey is asking you to rank the choices that you think are acceptable. For example, regarding the type of organization (e.g. church, fellowship, congregation, or just UUs) please tell us which is your first choice, which is your second choice, and so on.

The name change task force is getting ready to send our report to the board. You have only until Sunday to give us your thoughts on a new name for VIUF.

More about the work of the Name Change Task Force can be found here. 

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