Humor in Religion

Ah, religion … there are so many aspects to it … faith, understanding, compassion, cruelty, spirituality, misguided fanaticism … and somewhere in this mix is humor to be savored in moments of lightheartedness.  On Sunday 4 June, we will pursue such moments at the service through song, jokes and readings. There will be an abundance of jokes and songs, mostly about UU’s. Please join us to enjoy them together!

Also on June 4:  VIUF Band (that’s any and all of us folks!) going to play for the first time, familiar songs… with kazoos, ukuleles, voices, spoons, Indonesian angklung, rain makers, shakers, belly bongos, guitars, piano, nose flutes, etc… anything you want to bring to add to our VIUF Band’s inaugural performance on June 4th at our “Zest Fest” Humor Sunday!

Youth RE:  No Youth RE on June 4.  Instead, June 2nd, Friday, the middle school youth have been invited to Kol Haneshema for a tour and service starting at 6:00 pm.