Speaker: Rev. Victoria Poling

Who Do We Need to Find a Way?

Stewardship is about more than money. It’s about our relationships. Relationships give us audacious hope, and ways of being generous, just and equitable in our communities. Today we’ll learn about the audacious hopes of UU ancestor and Civil Rights advocate Whitney Young, and of Seattle and Tacoma community organizers. And we’ll ask ourselves where VIUUs great … Continue reading Who Do We Need to Find a Way?

UU Christmas

Come celebrate a Unitarian Christmas with carols and stories from our history and a candlelight ceremony to mark the return of light to our world in the Northern hemisphere.   A recording of this service is not available.   

Tracking the Mystery

According to Bill Plotkin, author of Nature and the Human Soul, Mystery is the undifferentiated realm of spirit and soul. While spirit permeates, animates, and transcends everything, soul calls us to our unique, individual, and communal relationship to the whole. Today we’ll be tracking the Mystery, the transcendent and the imminent, from the mystery of dark matter … Continue reading Tracking the Mystery