Nutrition for Body and Soul

Dr. Kimberly Allen will talk about “Nutrition for Body and Soul”. Dr. Allen is a Naturopathic Physician practicing on Vashon.  After the service, the Religious Education Classes will host a Harvest Fest for the congregation, with fresh cider and vegetable races.

Labyrinth Learners, K-5th

As part of exploring our UU identity, we meet some of our UU ancestors and learn about how they practiced our faith. This Sunday our labyrinth learners will meet Christopher Reeve and hear about how his faith played a role in his courage after becoming paralyzed. Our workshops will include the chance to practice helping one another in feeding and managing physical obstacles or work with themed handicrafts.
Please send your child with a coin or two for the offering jar. The kids have chosen the Vashon Community Care Center this year to donate half of their money to. The other half is given to VIUF!

Middle School Explorers

This Sunday our explorers begin to open up their inquiry into world religions by considering the question, what is divine?  The youth are encouraged to bring in images that could represent the divine, either personally or as considered by a specific faith.
During the morning they will consider how the divine is represented in popular culture by listening to some songs and pulling out the imagery.