Speaker: Matt Aspin

Hearing Your Truth Through the Noise

Our UU faith tradition encourages us to embark upon a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”  Join us as we examine the very human challenges that consistently block our way on this journey towards the light.

Click here to listen to an audio … read more.

Do you see what I see?

Unitarian Universalism is often referred to as “a chosen faith,” a refuge that each of us each keeps coming back to for different reasons.  So now that we’re all here…where are we going?  Ministerial Candidate Matt Aspin will invite us to consider a shared vision … read more.

The Blessing of Shared Commitment

Please join us on June 3 to mark the completion of Matt Aspin’s ministerial internship and to welcome 11new VIUF members with a special ceremony.   Matt will be speaking on The Blessing of Shared Commitment:  From you I receive, to you I give.  This … read more.

Nature’s Balancing Act

This Sunday March 11 begins Daylight Savings Time.  Spring ahead!  And lose an hour of sleep…

Things seem out of balance in the human world these days. Yet nature is ALWAYS in balance. Can the natural world teach us what we need to learn to find … read more.

When the Going Gets Tough

The chasm between our highest aspirations and the current reality we see can sometimes seem insurmountable. How do we keep moving forward when our spirits begin to falter?

Matt Aspin

Matt Aspin, Intern Minister, will be our speaker.

Welcome the Shift

Service minister Matt Aspin is speaking to Welcome the Shift.  He says, “A new church year is a great time to re-calibrate our soul’s compass.  Are we still pointed to our true north, or do we need to adjust our sights?”