Speaker: Rev. Victoria Poling

Resistance, Creation, and the Easter Passion

The most masterful element of resistance is water. This Easter Sunday we’ll explore the water’s way of bringing about a resurrection of new life from decay. We’ll travel through lava fields, visiting the magnificent destructive and creative power of volcanos, and arrive at the passionate … read more.

A Vulnerable Faith

In the song “Lean on Me,” we sing, “If you have a load you have to bear, that you can’t carry…I’ll share your load, if you just call me.” But sometimes, sharing your load just feels too vulnerable, and you hold it all in or … read more.

What is Necessary for Love?

Author and scholar bell hooks [who uses a lowercase spelling] observes, “While ours is a nation wherein the vast majority of citizens are followers of religious faiths that proclaim the transformative power of love, many people feel they do not have a clue as to … read more.